Florence Solid Walnut Acacia 90mm Lacquered

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While Acacia trees may be better known for the variety of honey they are responsible for, the timber of these trees also offers a highly affordable alternative to the more expensive American black walnut wood. Although similar in appearance, this Acacia is sourced from Asia and is featured in this 15mm thick solid wood flooring with an elegant dark golden brown colour that gives a medium to dark shade perfect for modern interior designs. The occasional dark brown, almost black, knot is to be found throughout this flooring.

Florence Solid Walnut Acacia 90mm LacqueredNote that 90mm wide planks are considerably narrower than those that make up most wood flooring and give an almost parquet style finish. However, the bevelled edges on all four sides of each plank help break up the floor give stunning grooves that play brilliantly in light and shadows. Also bear in mind that this authentic, yet simple solid wood flooring doesn’t feature tongue and groove and will need to be glued, nailed or screwed.

Florence Solid Walnut Acacia 90mm Lacquered flooring comes in randomised lengths that both give an interesting rustic feel and help make best use of the wood by reducing off cuts. The lengths range between 300mm and 1000mm and average conveniently at 600mm. This is remarkably cheap acacia flooring offers far better value than other 15mm thick floors currently on sale due to it being sourced from Asia.

The Acacia is complimented perfectly by a satin lacquered finish which gives a glossy sheen that really draws the eye to this vibrant wood floor. This durable finish will fend off the scuffs and scratches that can arise from everyday life and the smooth surface it creates is very easy to wipe clean. However, due to the thickness of this Acacia floor, it can be sanded down and refinished over time to extend its lifetime and give a new outlook to your floor.

Florence Solid Walnut Acacia 90mm Lacquered, 4.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings