Want A Quote On Some Oak Flooring?

Florence is one of the best selling flooring ranges on the UK Flooring Direct site and is made up of both engineered oak and solid oak flooring. The Florence solid oak flooring offered certainly doesn’t skimp on quality despite the relatively low prices compared to other solid oak floors. There is a diverse selection of styles of solid oak flooring available which has been achieved through various finishes despite the use of a neutral timber species such as oak with its usually warm, golden brown colour.

Solid oak flooring is technically defined as planks made entirely of a single piece of wood and due to the authentic feel and long life span of Florence solid oak flooring, people are still willing to pay a premium for it. One of the advantages of a solid wood floor is that it can be re-sanded and re-finished a number of times throughout its life saving you money in the long run over laminate which has a short lifespan. The Florence solid oak flooring range makes use of nature and rustic oak and offers a smoked oak floor as well as a black, a white, and an antique effect hand scraped floor through the use of different stains and finishes including brushed as well as a matt or satin lacquer for a scratch resistant surface.