Florence Solid Oak 3 Strip Lacquered Flooring

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Florence Solid Oak 3 Strip Lacquered Flooring is available at a very reasonable rate for Florence solid oak flooring and is a very popular choice because of it. This rustic oak floor with a warm golden brown colour and a desirable 3 strip pattern is offered by UK Flooring Direct for just £18.35 sq.m (September 2012) who offer free UK delivery for orders over £149. At 12mm thick, this Florence solid oak flooring has a long lifespan and makes a sound investment for your home.

Florence Solid Oak 3 Strip Lacquered FlooringOak is often favoured as a flooring material for it’s neutral, yet warm beige-brown colour, plentiful natural features that add character to the wood and its relative affordability to more exotic species such as walnut. This solid oak 3 strip flooring has been given a high quality satin lacquered finish that offers scratch resistance and a gentle light reflective sheen.

The pattern of 3 strip flooring is popular in modern interiors and can give a room the illusion of being larger. It involves 3 strips of thinner rustic oak planks that run parallel to each other and fit together in a brick wall pattern. Each plank has a total width of 150mm giving each of the 3 strips a 50mm width. Because of the rustic grade of the oak, the colour of the different strips varies between a golden brown and beige brown to give a high contrasting floor that really has the wow factor.

Now known as Home Choice Oak 3 Strip Lacquered Solid Flooring, it has dimensional tolerances of 1.5mm variation and comes in lengths of 1100mm which therefor could be as short as 1083.5mm and as long as 1116.5mm. This is something worth noting with this solid finger jointed oak floor but shouldn’t prevent an issue in smaller areas.

The bevelled edges of the planks in this solid oak 3 strip flooring add definition to each division in planks and isolates each 3 strip section. The medium-light shade of this floor gives the room a light airy feel and works great with any interior style. This flooring has received highly positive reviews already so order a free sample to see for yourself.

Florence Solid Oak 3 Strip Lacquered Flooring, 4.2 out of 5 based on 5 ratings