Florence Solid Golden Oak 3 Strip Lacquered Flooring

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This is currently the final instalment in the Florence Solid Golden Oak range and shows off the vibrant colours of this rustic grade oak by uniquely displaying it in a 3 strip format that allows for greater contrast between golden brown sections of the oak and the darker red-brown regions. The wealth of warm hues in the oak has made this a very popular and highly reviewed floor that works well in either traditional or contemporarily styled rooms. The 3 strip style of flooring is also considered to give the illusion of making a room appear larger and is often sought after for this purpose in apartments. Note that this is now known as Home Choice Golden Oak 3 Strip Lacquered Solid Flooring.

Florence Solid Golden Oak 3 Strip Lacquered FlooringUnusually for 3 strip flooring, this Florence Solid Golden Oak is composed of planks with bevelled edges so as to set out a border between floorboards. This dimensional addition of to the 150mm wide planks helps break up the floor and defines each set of 3 strips adding a tactile quality underfoot.

Due to the fact that Florence Solid Golden Oak 3 Strip Lacquered Flooring is sourced and manufactured in Asia, it is considerably cheaper than the market rate for European Florence floors and prices start at just £18.52m², some of the cheapest around for solid oak flooring and is especially great value given the remarkably vibrant hues present in this Florence solid golden oak. The colour has been achieved through the use of a golden stain and the surface is then finished with a strong satin lacquer to emphasise the hues.

Tongue and groove edge profiling allows for a quick and secure fitting and can be laid with either glue, nails or screws. I advise looking into underlays with your floor to both insulate, minimise sound, and extend the life of your new floor by cushioning downwards forces and reducing damp penetration. The floorboards are 110mm long and 150mm wide with total thicknesses of 12mm.

Florence Solid Golden Oak 3 Strip Lacquered Flooring, 4.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings