Florence Solid Golden Oak 125mm Brushed & Lacquered Flooring

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The recent addition of some simply stunning, warm golden solid oak floors to the Florence collection has gone down a storm with customers who have realised the astonishing value this 18mm thick solid rustic oak flooring offers. The hue of the golden brown oak borders on a red colour and it can add plenty of life and a cosy atmosphere to any room of your house or apartment. This is true solid oak, not engineered or laminate and can last a lifetime if properly maintained.

Florence Solid Golden Oak 125mm Brushed & Lacquered FlooringIt can be sturdily installed with the tongue and groove edge of the planks and can be fixed down with either glue, nails or screws. I’d recommend glue for this purpose due to it’s versatility and it’s ability to adjust slightly over time with the wood.

Be sure to allow this flooring to acclimatise for around 7 days in the room in which it will be laid to allow it to expand or contract in accordance with the atmospheric conditions present in its new space. Also be sure to check the the subfloor is stable and free of damp and consider purchasing a high quality underlay with your new Florence solid golden oak flooring.

This flooring has been sourced from Asia to give you the cheapest possible prices and help your renovation come in under budget while being to a high specification. This medium-dark golden brown oak flooring works well with all interior styles and adds a luxurious quality to a room. The 18mm thick planks are 125mm wide and come in random lengths to give a rustic impression.

Florence Solid Golden Oak 125mm Brushed & Lacquered Flooring has been rated 5 stars by customers who praise it for it’s rich colour and character it gives. The bevelled edges of the planks also add a rich outline to each plank and emphasise the fact that this is high end solid oak flooring. The brushed and matt lacquered finish is ideal if you want a natural looking floor that will really stand the test of time. Matt lacquer is one of the strongest finish and doesn’t give the somewhat tacky sheen that a satin lacquer can.

Florence Solid Golden Oak 125mm Brushed & Lacquered Flooring, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings