Florence Solid Dark Chocolate Oak 125mm Brushed & Lacquered Flooring

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This premium quality Florence solid oak floor is a new addition and features a distinctive dark chocolate brown colour derived from a stain added to the oak. Dark chocolate varies from Florence Solid Black Oak in that it is slightly lighter and from Florence Engineered Antique Oak in that it is solid rather than engineered and features a more consistent brown colour.

Florence Solid Dark Chocolate Oak 125mm Brushed & Lacquered FlooringWith characteristic rustic grade oak and a brushed finish, Florence solid dark chocolate oak bears a remarkably tactile surface with a texture that follows the grain closely. The shade of the summer growth rings varies ever so slightly from the colour of wood, far less than in some other wood floors which makes this floor noticeably authentic but not a distraction from the rest of the room.

With 18mm thick solid oak floorboards, Florence Solid Dark Chocolate Oak 125mm Brushed & Lacquered Flooring offers outstanding value at just under £30/m² as the rustic grade oak has been sourced from Asia to bring you the cheapest price. The planks feature tongue and groove to make the installation of the 125mm wide floorboards easy. Also note that the pieces come in randomised lengths ranging between 300mm and 1400mm to achieve the staggered look of a traditional oak floor.

The brushed surface of the oak has been given a dark chocolate colour and then finished with a matt lacquer which seals the floor and keep it looking new for longer. Not only does this matt lacquer offer a hardened protective layer but it also creates a seal which prevents dirt and other substance from penetrating the wood and causing discolouration and stains. The great thing about buying such a thick solid oak floor is that if you decide to change the style of a room over time you can. Simply sand away the top few millimetres of the oak to remove the dark chocolate colour and the brushed and lacquered finish to expose a new surface which you can style as you please with various stains, oils or lacquers.

Florence Solid Dark Chocolate Oak 125mm Brushed & Lacquered Flooring, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings