Florence Prime Oak 127mm Lacquered Engineered Flooring

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This Prime Oak flooring is an interesting offering from Florence. Depending on what you prioritise, it is both a high quality wood floor but also a budget, cheap option. The surface of prime oak is absolutely flawless being composed of select grade oak, the highest commercial grade which is prized as it contains few natural imperfections such as knots. Just looking at the image below, you’ll see it is virtually entirely composed of warm golden beige-brown summer growth rings. Select grade oak as featured in Prime Oak is highly sought after in minimalist interior design.

Florence Prime Oak 127mm Lacquered Engineered FlooringBut how can engineered flooring with select grade oak cost just over £22/m²? Well this has been achieved quite cleverly in this Florence flooring by only using a thin cross section of select grade oak, just over half a millimetre thick in fact at 0.6mm. The end result and visual appearance is identical despite just the very top layer of this wood flooring being real select grade oak. The only real downside of this is that it can’t be resanded and refinished as is the case with engineered flooring with thicker wear layers but if this doesn’t appeal to you then Florence Prime Oak could be an ideal solution.

The remainder of the planks are also not as thick as you might be used to with engineered flooring at just 10mm thick. This is ever thinner than some laminate floors but it should still stand up to the rigours of home life as Florence engineered oak flooring has a layered structure unique to engineered flooring which adds a lot of strength. If the quality of the flooring is a concern to you, then you can rest assured as it comes with a lengthy 25 year warranty.

Florence Prime Oak comes in at such a cheap price also because it was sourced from Asia to give you the best value for money. The stunning, clear Select grade oak has been finished with a satin lacquer which adds a subtly reflective sheen to the surface that also protects against physical damage. When it comes to installation, the tongue and groove edge profiling of the planks slots easily into place allowing for a fixed down or flexible floating floor.

Florence Prime Oak 127mm Lacquered Engineered Flooring, 3.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings