Florence European Engineered Vanilla Oak 180mm Flooring

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A new addition to the Florence oak flooring range, this stylish european engineered oak has a subtle vanilla colour derived from a slightly faded golden brown. This nature grade oak has plentiful classic wood features that make up the main appeal of an oak floor and has a desirable texture underfoot. This comes from the micro-bevelled edges of the planks that create grooves that complimented the oak floor perfectly. A brushed treatment has also been given to the oak which gives a subtle texture that follows the grain of the wood.

Florence European Engineered Vanilla Oak 180mm FlooringNow known as Home Choice European Vanilla Oak 180mm Oiled Engineered Flooring, it is entirely sourced and manufactured in Europe and so therefor meets strict regulations. These European regulations cover both the manufacturing specifications and the responsible sourcing of the oak for your peace of mind. Engineered oak flooring has environmental benefits as it makes use of cheaper, more readily available timber varieties such as pine or spruce for the bulk of each flooring plank. Just the surface 2.5mm of Florence Engineered Vanilla Oak is composed of oak while the rest of the 14mm thick planks is made up of plywood.

When it comes to laying this flooring, another of it’s innovative features shines through. This Florence Vanilla Oak uses the click installation system which allows adjacent planks to simply click and lock together in a similar way to tongue and groove. However with the appropriate underlay and a sturdy substrate, this can be laid as floating flooring. The vanilla colour of this Florence engineered oak flooring could be described as a dark beige or a faded oak colour with a white washed element. The summer growth rings of the oak present darker areas but aren’t overpowering which can be the case with other wood flooring. Each plank is 180mm thick and comes in consistent lengths of 1100mm.

Florence European Engineered Vanilla Oak 180mm Flooring has a medium to light shade and works well in modern and traditional interiors alike. The layered structure of engineered flooring allows this to be used over underfloor heating for high specification renovation projects. An oiled finish penetrates the wood deeply and strengthens the oak while bringing out an emphasising the natural Vanilla colour.

Florence European Engineered Vanilla Oak 180mm Flooring, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings