Florence European Engineered Olive Oak 180mm Lacquered Flooring

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The unique olive colour of this European Florence oak flooring gives it a contemporary yet cosy feel with it’s medium-dark grey green colour. There’s an almost metallic quality to the olivine shades of this nature grade oak that has been finished with a lavish matt lacquer. It comes with all you’ve come to expect from Florence including click lock installation, a 14mm plank thickness and bevelled edges for that authentic real wood floor look. This is a very diverse flooring choice and as mentioned has both modern and traditional qualities. It’s the perfect choice if you’re hoping to fit out a whole floor through rooms with differing interior styles. This has been renamed as┬áHome Choice European Olive Oak 180mm Lacquered Engineered Flooring but still offers the same specifications and appearance.

Florence European Engineered Olive Oak 180mm Lacquered FlooringThe latest Florence floors have coloured oak based on various foodstuffs including vanilla, cocoa, caramel and in this instance olive. The olive colour of this Florence engineered oak flooring has been sealed with a durable matt lacquer but if you should so wish to alter the appearance of this flooring over it’s lifetime, it’s possible to re-sand and re-finish it due to the 2.5mm thickness of the oak surface wear layer.

Florence European Engineered Olive Oak 180mm Lacquered Flooring is composed of multiple layers of real wood and looks and feels identical to solid wood flooring as a result. Engineered flooring is in fact more stable than solid due to this structure and this is offered with a colossal 30 year residential warranty.

Each plank of this flooring has a consistent length of 1100mm and a width of 180mm for a convenient fit. As mentioned, Florence engineered olive oak has click system edge profiling which causes adjacent planks to lock together once arranged removing the need for glue or nails. Be sure to research into the appropriate underlay for floating flooring and ensure that your subfloor is suitable.

Florence European Engineered Olive Oak 180mm Lacquered Flooring, 4.5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings