Florence European Engineered Honey Oak 180mm Lacquered Flooring

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The epitome of a warm golden brown oak floor, this Florence Engineered Honey Oak ticks all the boxes when it comes to an all-round great value, premium quality wood floor. A lustrous natural colour complimented perfectly by a matt lacquered finish, you really can’t go wrong with Florence oak flooring. With a 2.5mm wear layer at the surface of each plank composed of natural grade European oak, a subtle stain achieves a vibrant honey colour that is perfect for traditional country cottage and French farmhouse interiors.

Florence European Engineered Honey Oak 180mm Lacquered FlooringThe aptly named honey colour gives a diverse appearance with shades ranging from a light acacia through gold to dark brown in the knots of the natural oak. This is now sold as Home Choice European Honey Oak 180mm Lacquered Engineered Flooring.¬†All natural features such as these knots have been treated to EU regulations to ensure they won’t prove to be weaknesses further down the lifespan of your new floor. The matt lacquered finish forms a protective, transparent layer over your honey oak that doesn’t drastically alter it’s appearance or give a somewhat tacky sheen that a satin lacquer can give.

Florence European Engineered Honey Oak 180mm Lacquered Flooring is a popular choice due to it’s cheap discounted price and simple installation due to the click installation edge profiling included on each plank. Adjacent edges lock together and remove the need for glue and make it possible to lay as a floating floor over an underlay. Each plank is 14mm thick, a standard dimension in premium quality Florence Engineered Oak Flooring with a 11.5mm thick core of plywood. The layered structure makes this floor extra stable and it’s offered with a sizeable 30 year residential warranty.

The 180mm wide and 1100mm long planks are manufactured in Europe to EU specification and contain European sourced timber to make it even more environmentally friendly over cheap solid wood flooring that is often irresponsibly sourced from Asia. I would thoroughly recommend Florence Engineered Honey Oak is you’re looking for high quality cheap and green flooring option for your home.

Florence European Engineered Honey Oak 180mm Lacquered Flooring, 3.4 out of 5 based on 9 ratings