Florence Engineered Polar Oak Brush Matt Lacquered Loc Flooring

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This polar oak flooring is amongst the most popular floors from the Florence oak range due to it’s unique white-grey colour described as ‘polar’ and it’s highly reasonable price. To find out just how reasonable, get a quote through the feature to the right of this article. This is engineered polar oak flooring meaning that while the top 2.5mm of a floorboard is made up of polar stain rustic grade oak, the core of this flooring is made up of 2 further layers to form a 3 ply construction.

Florence Engineered Polar Oak Brush Matt Lacquered Loc FlooringFlorence Engineered Polar Oak Brush Matt Lacquered Loc Flooring is simple to lay due to the easy click system that Florence use in a lot of their engineered oak flooring. Adjacent planks simply slot together and click to lock in place removing the need for adhesives. With the correct underlay this can be a floating floor.

The light colour of this Florence engineered oak flooring is it’s main appeal and the modern white-grey polar colour works perfectly in contemporary interiors. The polar oak colour gives the room a spacious appearance and feels great underfoot due to it’s durable and stable structure.

The polar oak has been given a brushed treatment that applies a subtle texture that follows the grain of the nature oak by removing the softer areas of the wood that grew during summer. This stunning texture is then locked in by a durable matt lacquered finish that gives a natural appearance while offering utmost protection against stains and scratches. An added textural element to this Florence engineered polar oak flooring comes from the distinctive V-shaped grooves between planks that contrast highly with the light oak colour

Please note that this flooring has recently been renamed as Fusion Polar Oak Brush Matt Lacquered Loc Engineered Flooring but is still a very popular cheap engineered flooring choice and has received many positive reviews for it’s high quality and great value. Each plank is 10mm thick and 125mm wide (reduced from polar oak 148mm)but has great structural stability due to the 3 ply engineered flooring construction.

Florence Engineered Polar Oak Brush Matt Lacquered Loc Flooring, 4.9 out of 5 based on 7 ratings