Florence Engineered Natural Oak 90mm Lacquered Loc Flooring

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Another flooring option with relatively narrows planks, this Florence Engineered Natural Oak is a best seller on the UK Flooring Direct site for it’s unbeatable value and cheapest prices. The vibrant and diverse oak used is of nature grade giving it an array of characteristic features including knots and mineral streaks. It’s perfect for any warm family home and has a real country cottage feel. The bevelling on all four edges of each plank also add a rustic demeanour and creates a pleasant underfoot texture through v shaped grooves that create shadows that contrast brilliantly with the beige brown colour of the oak. If you’re searching for this, please be aware that it is known sold as¬†Fusion Natural Oak 90mm Lacquered Loc Engineered Flooring.

Florence Engineered Natural Oak 90mm Lacquered Loc FlooringThis flooring is 10.5mm thick offering a sturdy 3 ply constructed engineered floor. The basis of engineered flooring involves taking a relatively thin layer of desirable wood such as oak and pressing and fixing it to a highly durable plywood base that offers outstanding stability and allows it to resist the warping that solid wood flooring is prone to. This makes this flooring cheap, stunning and long lasting, what more could you want?

Florence Engineered Natural Oak 90mm Lacquered Loc Flooring also features the easy click system making it incredibly simple to lay. There’s no need for adhesives nails or screws as the planks simply click together. Be sure to purchase a high quality underlay with your flooring to allow you to lay it as floating flooring over a suitable subfloor that isn’t prone to damp.

A high quality satin lacquer has been applied to the surface of the natural oak which gives a luxurious sheen and draws the eye to the oak’s features. The lacquer also making the oak resistant to scratches and denting through the wear and tear of everyday life and stops the oak from absorbing stains. It’s also far easier to clean than an oiled floor due to the smooth surface a satin lacquer creates.¬†Conveniently, all of the 90mm wide planks are 1200mm in length to make it easy to set out this Florence engineered nature oak flooring. It has many positive reviews for its anti-scratch lacquer, click locking process and overall great value.

Florence Engineered Natural Oak 90mm Lacquered Loc Flooring, 2.8 out of 5 based on 13 ratings