Florence Engineered European Oak 180mm Brushed & Oiled Flooring

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This is the ideal choice if you’re looking for a high quality, authentic looking engineered floor. The high quality European oak gives a warm golden brown colour and is full of character due to its nature grade wood’s natural features. The vibrant colour of the oak with colours ranging from a light beige to medium-dark brown emphasise the real wood quality of engineered flooring that laminate flooring simply can’t match. Engineered flooring is 100% wood but is considerably cheaper than solid oak as just the surface 2.5mm of this floor is Florence engineered European oak. The bulk is made up of highly durable spruce in a 3 ply construction. Note that this is now known as┬áHome Choice European Oak 180mm Brushed & Oiled Engineered Flooring.

Florence Engineered European Oak 180mm Brushed & Oiled FlooringThe brushed and oiled finish applied to the nature grade European oak is the perfect ┬ácombination to emphasise the authentic nature of the wood. A brushed treatment involves roller brushing the oak with a wire brush to scrape away the softer summer growth to leave a subtle texture. You’ll probably be familiar with this texture from wood furniture and is definitely suitable for traditional French farmhouse style interiors. The oiled finish offers great protection as it penetrates the oak deeply and enhances the colour of the wood in a similar way to raising the contrast on a photo. This effect can become more pronounced as time goes on.

Florence Engineered European Oak 180mm Brushed & Oiled Flooring is a best seller, partly due to its inclusion of the easy click system for installation. This makes it incredibly simple to lay and removes the need for glue or screws to hold the planks together.

The 180mm wide planks have total thicknesses of 14mm and come in convenient lengths of 1100mm. All four edges of each plank are bevelled to create stylish, rustic looking grooves that add to the authentic appearance of Florence European oak. The timber used is responsibly source from Europe where it is also manufactured to high specification to tight regulations. This locality makes this engineered flooring particularly environmentally friendly due to the low quantity of air miles involved in its production.

Florence Engineered European Oak 180mm Brushed & Oiled Flooring, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings