Florence Engineered Euro Oak Nature Flooring 3 Strip Lacquered

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The ultimate budget engineered flooring choice, Florence Euro Nature Oak offers a 100% real wood solution with a contemporary 3 strip pattern. Staggeringly, this flooring is available from just £13.93 sq.m (Excl VAT) so get a quote to find out how much it’ll cost you to purchase for your home or apartment. The sturdiness of these relatively cheap wood flooring planks is achieved through the innovative construction of engineered flooring. In this 10mm thick Florence Euro Oak flooring, the top 2mm of a plank are nature grade oak while the remaining 8mm is made up of a pine-spruce core. The layers create a 3 ply structure that is highly durable and stable in this flooring that is now sold under the name of Home Choice European Nature Oak 3 Strip Lacquered Engineered Flooring.

Florence Engineered Euro Oak Nature Flooring 3 Strip Lacquered3 strip flooring is popular due to it’s neutral appearance, universal appeal and contemporary feel. The golden brown colour of nature grade oak adds to the traditional character of this wood but makes it perfect for all interior styles, particularly white rooms. An ideal choice for property developers, this low cost, real wood flooring is great for a quick turnaround and high specification finish.

The click installation system makes it possible for anyone to lay it quickly and without the need for nails, glue or screws if a suitable underlay is used and the subfloor is stable. Another major selling point is that the layered structure of Florence euro nature oak makes it more stable and able to resist the warping that can occur from underfloor heating. It also has a 25 year residential warranty for your peace of mind and to guarantee the longevity of this flooring.

Florence Engineered Euro Oak Nature Flooring 3 Strip Lacquered comes in lengths of 1100mm that fit simply together. Each plank contains 3 lines of strips that run parallel to each other and fit together in a brick bond pattern. This popular style is increasingly common in oak flooring and gives it an edge, particularly when the colours of individual strips contrast, in this case sometimes between a beige and a dark golden brown. Each plank is 207mm wide making each strip 67mm in width. This is a similar sized section as is found in traditional parquet and herringbone flooring.

Florence Engineered Euro Oak Nature Flooring 3 Strip Lacquered, 3.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings