Florence Engineered Caramel Oak 90mm Brushed & Lacquered Flooring

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The caramel stain applied to the Florence engineered oak flooring is already proving popular due to the dark, yet warm colour it gives. The light brown has an ever so slight red tinge to it and remarkably actually has a similar colour to caramel. Although I’d still consider this to be dark wood flooring, it’s certainly less over powering than others and can work well in any interior.

Florence Engineered Caramel Oak 90mm Brushed & Lacquered Flooring UKDue to it’s relatively thin and narrow planks, this is extraordinarily cheap engineered flooring currently costing just £18.49 sq.m (November 2012). However, the planks are still adequately thick at 10.5mm and are extra stable due to the their 3 ply construction and the relative narrowness of 90mm of the planks really just comes down personal taste. As does the choice of nature grade oak for the surface wear layer which while being the cheapest timber grade, also bears the most natural features such as knots and graining and is actually the preferred choice of many.

Florence Engineered Caramel Oak 90mm Brushed & Lacquered Flooring is incredibly easy to install as it features the innovative click system. This groundbreaking development in wood flooring works on the same principle as tongue and groove but the shape of the ‘tongues’ allows them to click and lock in place with the adjacent groove. This makes it possible to lay this as a floating floor with adhesives or nails with a suitable subfloor and coupled with the appropriate underlay.

To emphasise the natural features present in the nature grade oak used in this floor which is now known as Fusion Caramel Oak 90mm Brushed & Lacquered Engineered Flooring, the surface of the wood has been brushed. This treatment abrades the surface with a wire brush roller and scrapes away softer sections of the wood to give a pleasing texture that follows the grain. A highly durable matt lacquer has been used to finish the caramel oak which creates a natural looking seal over the wood that protects it from scratches and stains.

Florence Engineered Caramel Oak 90mm Brushed & Lacquered Flooring, 4.1 out of 5 based on 12 ratings